🥇 The objective of CHAT is to extend functionality of several advanced micro-electronics devices and integrate them into a smart cloud-based system to create audio and video based stress detection of chicken on farms facilitating the improvement of the breeding process.

💡 Which companies are included in the realization of the experiment?

▶️DunavNET develops turnkey IoT solutions by combining extensive IoT and cloud technologies expertise with outcomes of research and innovation projects and domain-specific expertise. agroNET, a digital farming platform, is one of the main solutions in the company’s portfolio, offered on the market through a network of partners.

▶️ Metos by Pessl Instruments portfolio includes a complete range of wireless products and an online platform that is applicable in all climate zones and can be used in various industries – from agriculture to research, flood warning and more.

▶️Farm “Zivko Sekulic” yearly production is almost 100.000 of chickens. The production is organized respecting all environmental requirements and animal wellbeing.

💡More about CHAT, find on https://diatomic.eu/index.php/pull-experiments/chat/