This year, 20 innovations were submitted to follow up IPOS, winner of 2017. From the entries submitted a shortlist was made of 13 innovations that were allowed to pitch their idea to the expert jury.

After an extensive jury meeting, Smart Floor, together with other two finalists was selected on the basis of economic market potential and its contribution to a vital or sporting society.

About Smart Floor

Smart Floor has developed a foil that can be placed under (sports) floors. The position of the foot with respect to the floor is measured by wearing a sensor around ankles or on shoes.

This provides insight into, among other things, the speed of the feet, jump height and the distance traveled. This gives information about power, condition and fatigue.

Smart Floor coordinates SmalTec, one of 8 DIATOMIC application experiments from the Open Call #1. Collaborating with FreeSense Solutions and nora Flooring Systems on SmalTec, Smart Floor is working on a revolutionary Smart Floor system that delivers accurate personalized movement information in interaction with a small wearable sensor.

Smart Floor - Dutch Sports Innovation Award 2018

Frans Lefeber, CEO, Smart Floor

Dutch Sports Innovation Award

The Dutch Sports Innovation Award is for large, medium-sized and small companies, starters, knowledge institutes or service providers that are engaged in innovations of products or services and focus on sports, exercise and health in the broadest sense.

These are products or services of which the market value and the impact on the business of sport are already clear.

Smart Floor - Eindhovens Dagblad