Training in a nutshell


From the Ground to the Cloud





Main addressed points – aim of the training

From Ground to the Cloud is an IoT Platform for Industry Digitalization. In this webinar, the participants learnt more about the optimizing industrial process, monitoring control and real examples of that application, following the evolution of the industry.

IoT devices and applications will spread into nearly all domains of our lives, from smart homes and connected vehicles to infrastructure and logistics as well as into healthcare. Further, the technology is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0, which strives for self-organizing smart factories that are capable of (mass-) producing highly customized products. Besides the integration of IoT devices into existing production lines and products, one of the major challenges is to identify valuable use cases and sustainable business models within the field of IoT. The exploration of concrete and tangible use cases could demonstrate how companies can connect their products, manufacturing processes, and product development to obtain more customer-centric products and services.