BioSense Institute


Contact person: Ivana Horvat

Email: horvat [at sign]

About BioSense

BioSense Institute cross-fertilizes two most promising sectors in Serbia: ICT and agriculture. As a Centre of Excellence for advanced technologies in sustainable agriculture and food security, BioSense conducts multidisciplinary research in the fields of micro and nanoelectronics, communications, signal processing, remote sensing, big data, robotics and biosystems. BioSense advances and integrates all that ICT can offer today – nanomaterials, low-cost miniature sensors, satellite imaging, robotics, big data analytics – to provide as much information as possible to the agricultural sector, support the development of sustainable agriculture and enable production of safe and healthy food for future generations. Through many projects, such as FP7 FRACTALS, H2020 KATANA and H2020 IoF2020, close collaboration with the SMEs ecosystem was established, which enlarged the capacity of the Institute as business accelerator. Currently, BioSense institute is involved in 15 H2020 projects.

Main role in DIATOMIC

BioSense is the leader of the Agrifood Digital Innovation Hub and coordinator of the online one-stop-shop platform development. DIATOMIC will benefit from BioSense’s extensive experience in accelerator projects and bringing together a diverse ecosystem of agrifood stakeholders.

Furthermore, BioSense will use its rich experience in EU projects to successfully coordinate all the Dissemination and Exploitation activities, with special focus on DIATOMIC impact assessment.

Besides this, BioSense will together with Synelixis deliver a high-impact PUSH experiment, by integrating the Plant-O-Meter instrument with the SynField system.