Instituto Pedro Nunes


Contact person: João Quintas

Email: jquintas [at sign]

About IPN

Founded in 1991 as an initiative by the University of Coimbra, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) – Association for Innovation and Development in Science and Technology – is a non-profit private organization fosters innovation and transfer of technology between university and industry; Co-founder of the Ageing@Coimbra Reference Site EIP-AHA; Associated partner of EIT Health; Actively involved in AAL activities;

Mission Statement

Contribute to the transformation of the business environment and organizations in general, promoting a culture of innovation, quality, rigor and entrepreneurship, built on a solid university/enterprise relationship and operating in three fronts that reinforce and complement each other:
– Research and technological development, consultancy and specialized services;
– Business and idea incubation;
– Highly specialized training and dissemination of science and technology.

Laboratory for Automation and Systems (IPNlas)

The Laboratory of Automatic and Systems is one of the founding laboratories of Instituto Pedro Nunes. IPNlas develops projects in partnership with companies and entities of public domain through activities of technology transfer, consultancy and incentive for creation of spin-off companies. Laboratory for Automation and Systems provides expertise on Telemedicine, Hospital@Home, Home-Care and Care-Home including the design, implementation and technology transfer of Medical Devices & Unobtrusive Monitoring, Human Activity Recognition and Robotics. We have a solid track record in European and National projects, with results already marketed by the firms we work with. Our “secret sauce” is a solid university/enterprise relationship, professional management teams and combining R&D competencies with business skills.

Main role in DIATOMIC

IPN has a relevant role as leader of Health Digital Innovation Hub and coordinator for DIH-Committee at Year 1, taking the best of its experience as regional reference for the Health Cluster sector in Portugal and the built ecosystem around IPN and IPN incubator.

One of the main challenges of IPN within DIATOMIC is the development of the Health PUSH Application Experiment, taking the eVIDA product to a totally new level and with European dimension.

IPN Will be leading the following tasks: T2.1. Management & Synchronize DIH Services; T3.3.