Context Aware Platform for Ventilation on Demand in Mining (Sense&Mine 4.0)

Sector: Manufacturing

Total budget: €195,4k

Total Funding: €195,4k

About Sense&Mine 4.0

Mining companies collect huge amounts of data from equipment and processing plants. However, this information is rarely used to generate insight; it has been reported, miners use less than 1% of the information collected from their equipment. Sense&Mine4.0 develops technology for the smart integration of contextual information in mining industry.  The context of mining activities will be built by extracting data (e.g. gases and temperature) from a network of sensors, to developed for that purpose, integrate this data with situational information retrieved from legacy systems as well as by integrating information regarding scheduled mining activities. Having available all the necessary context data, ventilation on-demand is possible.

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About Sense&Mine 4.0

The Consortium

Emphasis DigiWorld SA, Greece

Emphasis DigiWorld SA is an independent, autonomous, company with focus on the real time data driven operational intelligence for the mining, cement and aggregates industries. Emphasis DigiWorld was founded on March 2019, as a spinoff Emphasis Telematics and received from Emphasis Telematics all intellectual property relative to technological solutions for the above-mentioned industries and the team of engineers developing and supporting these solutions.

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS), Greece

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) is oriented on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields. LMS is under the direction and technical coordination of Professor George Chryssolouris. It currently employs approximately 70 researchers organized in three different groups: Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Human-Centered Design Techniques, including Virtual Reality, and Production Systems Planning, Control and Networking


DELPHI-DISTOMON S.A., a subsidiary of MYTILINEOS S.A., is one of the largest bauxite producers in Greece and in Europe, and currently employs approximately 90 persons and occupies also 140 contractors. With its history starting in 1970s, it is today one of the two active mining companies involved in bauxite mining in Greece. It is the second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe, with an annual output of about 600,000 tons, exclusively from underground sites

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