Chicken Health Assessment Toolset

Sector: Agrifood

Total budget: €199,4k

% Funding: 100%

Total Funding: €199,4k

About CHAT

The objective of CHAT is to extend functionality of several advanced micro-electronics devices and integrate them into a smart cloud based system to create audio and video based stress detection of chicken on farms facilitating improvement of breeding process. The project will experiment with dierent deployment constellations, edge data processing and cloud based machine learning and data analytics algorithms to detect stress patterns enabling early prevention of health hazards.

The Consortium

DunavNET , Serbia

DunavNET , Serbia

DunavNET develops turnkey IoT solutions by combining extensive IoT and cloud technologies expertise with outcomes of research and innovation projects and domain specific expertise. agroNET, a digital farming platform, is one of the main solutions in the company’s portfolio, offered on the market through a network of partners.

DunavNET’s team consists of people with skills and experience in developing innovative products, audio processing, agronomy expertise.

Pessl instruments, Austria

Pessl instruments, Austria

Pessl Instruments is in business of providing agriculture tools for informed decision making for over 30 years. A complete range of wireless products and an online platform are applicable in all climate zones and can be used in various industries – from agriculture to research, flood warning and more. The portfolio of hardware and software solutions range from weather monitoring and forecasting to crop health management, to insect monitoring and resource management.

Zivko Sekulic, Serbia

Farm “Zivko Sekulic” with more than 16 years of experience in poultry production is a modern, well equipped farm. Yearly production is almost 100.000 of chickens. The production is organized respecting all environmental requirements and animal wellbeing. Zivko Sekulic, the owner, and his team are strongly interested in implementation of new technologies in everyday activities.

DIATOMIC Open Call #1 Application Experiments