Biodegradable Sensors for high resolution Monitoring in precision agriculture (BISEM)

Sector: Agrifood

Total budget: €198k

Total Funding: €198k


BISEM experiment aims to develop and validate on crop field a set of biodegradables, low cost, disposable sensors to measure agricultural relevant parameters like ground temperature, humidity and PH. Low-cost precision agriculture monitoring services implemented by using a network of such biodegradable sensor , placed and read by drones and integrated with UAV spectrometric analysis, will enable a wide spectrum of new services, like the possibility of having a detailed characterization of the investigated crop field; once this characterization is complete, it will allow new services like the optimization of fixed-point sensor network both in terms of position and number of sensor to use, or more targeted pesticide treatment of crop field

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The Consortium


Since 1989 Superelectric has a specific experience in the field of distributed sensors and drone monitoring services: today Superelectric is partner, with Leroy Merlin, to the initiative “Orto fai da noi” where it provides the battery powered distributed sensor network solution “Casetta Mia”, capable to measure and transmit in Cloud, Temperature and Humidity values of the terrain of small urban crop fields in order to manage and save water use. Formerly, Superelectric participate in 2012 to the Rome “La Sapienza” University Spin-Off I4E2 for the development of distributed sensor networks for Smart Cities and with the participation to the “” National Cluster for Precision Agriculture and from which outcome the marketplace Agrimap ( for agricultural services on-demand.


CNR-IMM, Italy

The Istituto per la Microelettronica e Microsistemi of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche is one of most important Italian public research structure in microelectronic field. The mission is to develop technologies and devices in the area of the micro-electromechanical systems, producing new sensors applications. Main activity areas: devices and materials for microelectronics, smart sensors, optoelectronics and photovoltaic devices and advanced material characterization techniques. It is organized in 5 sections, located in Bologna, Roma, Napoli, Lecce and Catania


AGROPECUARIA MORATILLA is an agricultural enterprise with premise in Olmeda de la Fuentes (Spain), already active in implementing electronic devices for the improvement of its economical performance that in turn is sustainable with the environment.

DIATOMIC Open Call #2 Application Experiments