About Diatomic

DIATOMIC is a Europe-wide, EC-backed network of Digital Innovation Hubs, with €3 million committed in funding for microelectronics SMEs and midcaps. In alignment with the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative goals, DIATOMIC aims to be Europe’s foremost network of innovation hubs in the industries of health, agrifood, and manufacturing.

PULL Application Experiments

Two open calls for consortium Application Experiments will be launched to pull disruptive solutions from health, agrifood, and manufacturing sectors exploiting advanced microelectronics and smart system integration technologies.

Between 15 and 43 high-quality market-driven Application Experiments (i.e. small collaborative projects) will be funded. Applicant consortia will consist of highly-talented actors, namely tech-providers, tech adopters, and Competence Centers. It is worth noting that applicant consortia are required to include technology users and they may use DIATOMIC technological offerings or any other.

0 mil €
FUNDING forSMEs and midcaps

DIATOMIC one-stop shop will connect tech adopters, tech providers, and multidisciplinary competence centers, offering tailored business and technological support.

Diatomic DIHs services

Matchmaking services

DIATOMIC assists SMEs and midcaps from the fields of health, agrifood, and manufacturing, to find the appropriate technology experts from within its networks and, if needed, outside them.

Tailored business training services

DIATOMIC offers highest quality training in innovation thinking, lean business methodology, investment readiness and as well as dedicated sector-specific business consulting.

Access to funding support and opportunities

DIATOMIC offers direct funding through open calls, continuous advertisement of funding opportunities, organization of pitching events for selected SMEs and mid-caps.

Technological support

DIATOMIC will provide access to knowledge, development, prototyping and experimentation resources and will offer technological training and resources.

Meet our team

Funded by the European Union, under the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, the DIATOMIC consortium is working together to create a one-stop shop where industry leading innovators, most notably SMEs and mid-caps, can realize tangible benefits of AME/SSI based innovation.

The consortium consists of 9 partners coming from 7 countries. It brings together technological research centres (Fraunhofer IPA, Instituto Pedro Nunes and BioSense), competence centres (INTRASOFT Intl, Libellium and Synelixis), innovation consulting (InoSens), SMEs community (F6S) and investors (FastTrack).

Explore the possibilities of the one-stop shop platform

The DIATOMIC ecosystem service portfolio offers a vast array of services that are designed for businesses of all sizes and especially for small and midsized businesses.

The new ecosystem aims to boost innovation within advanced microelectronics and smart system integration technology domains.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Mentoring and advising;
  • Technological support and services;
  • Innovation, internationalization, and business growth activities;
  • Funding for vibrant SMEs & mid-caps in the fields of health, agrifood, and manufacturing.

If you’re interested in offering any of these services, contact info@diatomic.eu or explore the ecosystem by visiting diatomic.eu/DiatomicPortal.