Synelixis Solutions S.A.


Contact person: Theodore Zahariadis

Email: zahariad [at sign]

About Synelixis

Synelixis is a high-tech SME that delivers solutions for precision agriculture, energy efficiency, warehouse automation and advanced networking. By utilizing modern software technologies, hardware installation and open platforms, Synelixis engineers are able to ensure an optimized solution that fulfils the project requirements. Synelixis Solution technology superiority is a result of extensive R&D activities. Synelixis’ personnel brings with it extensive research background, working for more than 20 years, in the RACE I & II, ACTS, ESPRIT and IST European frameworks in numerous projects and long co-operations with well renowned companies in EU and USA.

The product-oriented core competencies of Synelixis include expertise in embedded systems and electronics integration targeting primarily Internet of Things solutions for resource and energy monitoring in agri-fields, business and homes environments. Moreover, Synelixis product portfolio includes SynField, a product (consisting of in-house hardware and software development) that targets precision agriculture, allowing the gathering of sensing values, processed/stored in cloud environment and providing a user friendly web interface to end-users for visualizing relevant information.

Main role in DIATOMIC

Synelixis primarily contributes to DIATOMIC its technical competencies with respect to smart systems for agriculture. Dr. Zahariadis (technical manager of several EU projects) leads task 3.2 on agri-food application experiment where SYN contributes its SynField system in the in-house agriculture experiment and extends it with drones flying over the fields. In this experiment, SynField system integrates readings from BIOS’ Plant-O-Meter. It also provides technical support to applicants that intend to use either the DIATOMIC agri-experimentation facility or SynField device which is flexible to accommodate diverse agri-sensors. Furthermore, capitalizing on its experience from FI-ADOPT (FI-WARE accelerator), it leads the application evaluation task in WP4 and contributes to WP6 for disseminating the open calls and ecosystem building.