Smart Flooring Technologies

Sector: Health

Total budget: €200k

% Funding: 70%

Total Funding: €140k

About SmalTec

Our idea started as a solution for the big societal challenge of the aging population and to slow down the associated progressivity of dementia in Europe. In particular, movements at the feet level give an indication of the stage of dementia and thus interventions can be verified. Accurate data on feet movements are crucial for a good diagnosis and motion therapy itself slows down the aggressive progress of this disease.

We are developing a revolutionary Smart Floor system that delivers accurate personalized movement information in interaction with a small wearable sensor. It is based upon a well-known (RF-) technology, that we use in a spectacular new way. The uniqueness is that we physically add a simple passive, cheap, life time lasting, powerless and maintenance free RF sensor-membrane that can be integrated invisibly in existing floorings.

The Consortium

Connective Floors BV / Smart Floor, Netherlands

Connective Floors BV / Smart Floor, Netherlands

Our product Smart Floor consists of a super-thin (<0,2mm) sensor foil that is placed under the entire floor of a health care and/or rehabilitation center, indoor our outdoor sports field, a wearable (portable) sensor on the shoe or ankle, and an associated Smart Floor software app, which provides visualization and quantitative movement information (position, rientation, velocity and acceleration of feet and body.

 FreeSense Solutions, Netherlands

FreeSense Solutions, Netherlands

Freesense Solutions builds wire-free data solutions, wearables and applications. With our lean, rapid development approach we realise signal- and data capturing solutions that suit best your needs. Our white label products and technologies can be tailored to your branded user applications anywhere from ’thing-to-cloud’.

 nora Flooring Systems , Germany

nora Flooring Systems , Germany

Nora systems is a global market leader for rubber floor coverings. Nora systems is a floor covering manufacturer with headquarters and production facilities in Germany. Quality, outstanding service and continuous innovation are crucial to nora systems in our work as rubber floor covering manufacturers.

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