Industrial Internet Playground: A Cocreation process and IoT Toolbox for serious Industry 4.0 piloting (IIP)

Sector: Manufacturing

Total budget: €180k

Total Funding: €130k

About IIP

The IIP program is a repeatable 8-week service-design process combining co-creation activities and rapid application development, using internet enabled hard/software infrastructure from Pulselabs called a “Shadow Infrastructure”.

IIP core strengths:

  • Cheap compared to other Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Bespoke through a co-creation process
  • Secure, as it is deployed in a shadow infrastructure

This Shadow Infrastructure is the core technological platform in the IIP. It is deployed to collect machine/operator behavior, provide user interfaces and alerts, and a messaging bus for connection of new data from 3rd party API’s, all configured in a secure, non-obtrusive and compliant way. A VPN to cloud services provides further orchestration and analytics.

This CPPS sandbox over existing assets creates an effective testbed with real-world data and functionality, whilst safe to keep production running without disruption. The features made available allows for new apps, precise edge sampling and alerting algorithms. Pulselabs solutions (Smart Bearing and Motor & Uptime service) are first available and vital to introduce the design workshops and ideation with additional features from 3rd parties becoming available as identified and needed

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About IIP

The Consortium

Pulselabs, Belgium

Pulse Labs creates new, innovative and complete solutions for industrial customers.

Our flagship solution is the Pulse Checkmate, a small connected sensor device that can detect big problems in industrial equipment. It lets you know what’s going on, what’s going wrong and even helps to predict the future. Pulse Checkmate remotely monitors vibration, temperature, humidity and electrical current, remembering normal and abnormal behaviour and reports problems to the people who need to know. We use proven technologies using modular sensors, (LP)WAN and mesh connectivity, cloud analytics and pride ourselves on user friendly apps and services which actually help operators, managers and end users.

Troldtekt, Denmark

With the strong believe that acoustic comfort and healthy indoor climate are key elements of high-quality buildings, Troldtekt A/S has become a known producer of acoustic wood wool panels delivering both to domestic and international markets. Based in Jutland, the company designs, develops and manufactures their products from natural materials as wood and cement. Hand in hand with the cradle to cradle certification, relevant development has been done in the different stages of the production line, where the focus is to produce the best product possible being socially responsible.

Troldtekt panels are recognized among competitors and customers for the high quality and the respect by the environment when produced. With the main office in Tranbjerg, Aarhus, and the production site in Troldhede, Videbæk, the company made the strategical decision to open 2 subsidiaries in 2015 and 2016, being these positioned in Hamburg and Malmö respectively.

Having a continuous increase of demand in the last years, the company has faced the challenge to raise production efficiency levels to be able to answer its customers. With the need to have deep insight in the production process, Troldtekt A/S has set focus in production analytics and how these can be translated in information that facilitate decision and help to align the company’s strategy

Aarhus University, Denmark

AU was founded in 1928. It has 42500 students,1900 PhDs and 900 postdoc scholars together with 11,500 employees. AU has four faculties, Aarhus Faculty of Arts, Aarhus Faculty of Science & Technology, Aarhus Faculty of Health Sciences and Aarhus School of Business & Social Sciences. The project will be supported by the Department of Business Development and Technology in the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, specifically the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development

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