From vineyard data to a solution for wine production optimization and wine story-telling

Sector: Agrifood

Total budget: €200k

% Funding: 100%

Total Funding: €200k

About StoryWine

StoryWine is a platform innovating the precision viticulture by creating added  value on top of smart agriculture best-practices, which nowadays focus mostly  on monitoring processes. Our ambition is to move beyond the emerging  Internet of Wines wave, while improving efficiency and quality of wine  production through sensors-based data and advanced analytics. StoryWine also  provides tools that help winemakers with branding and promotion of products.  Because behind each bottle there is a story to share.

The Consortium



Zenithwings was founded in May 2013, in São João da Madeira, Portugal, by the same founding partners  of Ubiwhere, a company with over 10 years’ experience operating in the ICT sector. This SME focuses on  the development of solutions for Precision Farming and Industry 4.0. Research and Innovation are at the  core of Zenithwings’ activities while exploring advanced technologies. Zenithwings’ portfolio includes  integrated IoT solutions to increase farms production, and product tracking solutions in industrial  distribution systems.

MARTEL, Switzerland

MARTEL, Switzerland

Martel is an innovative and dynamic SME specialized in the management, innovation and promotion of  international Research and Innovation projects with focus on Next Generation Internet technologies.  Martel includes three departments that work side by side to deliver the best quality: Martel Consulting: a  department specialised in Innovation Management and Strategic Consultancy; Martel Media: a  department helping to innovate communication and media strategies; Martel Lab: the R&D department  specialized in cloud-based IoT solutions.  Thanks to the competence created along the years on IoT technologies, Martel in collaboration with other  EU SMEs created ​​ a novel cloud platform enabling the co-creation of future cities  leveraging on data lakes and data insights.

DIATOMIC Open Call #1 Application Experiments