A telehealth tool for monitoring and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis patients (dreaMS)

Sector: Health

Total budget: €174,7k

Total Funding: €174,7k

About dreaMS

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common neurological disorders, which progression over 20 years leads to high patient disability and death. Detection of disease progression is unreliable with existing tool and leave patients at great risk of increased disability. dreaMS aims to support precise diagnosis and treatment optimisation by developing a new type of biomarkers through the use of consumer devices and data science. The solution will result in improved patient outcomes and well-being and new health economic benefits for the health system.

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About dreaMS

The Consortium

Healios, Switzerland

Healios (healios.io) connects the patient, medical providers, and health institutions through the smart use of mobile technology and data science. We specialise in developing remote patient monitoring solutions and digital biomarkers in neuroscience, with the goal to support precise diagnosis, enable personalization of treatment and improve clinical management

Instituto Maimónides de Investigaciones Biomédicas (IMIBIC), Spain

IMIBIC ‘s mission is to develop and promote a scientific and innovative collaboration and multidisciplinary domains where projects aimed at solving health problems based on precision medicine and the generation of excellent science. For IMIBIC, innovation consists of the introduction into the system of a new product, service, or organizational process, which allows guaranteeing the effective application of research results in a way that translates into a real benefit for the health of citizens

Universidad de Córdoba (UCO), KDIS research group, Spain

The research group KDIS (Knowledge Discovery and Intelligent Systems), founded in 2009, is made up of 10 senior researchers. Their work lines are focused on two research branches: knowledge discovery and the application of artificial intelligence techniques to the development of solutions to real-world problems. In 2014, the group started a strong collaboration with groups like IMIBIC, FIBICO… in problems related to healthcare data analytics, medical data mining and, in general, the application of data science techniques to problems in the biomedical domain

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