iot-based Emotion and Behaviour recognition Against elderly people Social Isolation (EBASI)

Sector: Health

Total budget: €180,9k

Total Funding: 180,9k


Senior isolation is becoming a major social problem in western countries. Many elderly people are living in single-resident homes without family or social support. Even in nursing home, residents stay in their private bedrooms lonely without participating social activities. Since social isolation leads to serious consequences maintaining person’s sense of community is very important.

The project experiment proposes a multimodal sensor based recognition for social activities of daily living, integrated with a domotic system. The sensors monitor the daily activities and emotions of the residents, (speech, noise, and/or visual) and estimates the social relationships of the residents, takes care of the residents who are isolated from the community. Then the system could interact with the residents, reduces their loneliness feelings by forming a good relationship in community.

Pitch to investors


The Consortium

DS TECH, Italy

DSTECH is an Italian digital consulting company focus on Web&Mobile software development both for backend and frontend, Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence technologies (Sentiment Analysis, NLP, data correlation and predictive models). The company is structured in three main divisions: “IT support and service”; “Application Development and Maintenance”; “Research and New Solutions”. The “Research and new solutions” division is fully dedicated to developing innovative solutions such as new e-commerce services, Semantic Technologies, AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies and Big Data analytics.


Seides is an innovative startup focused on inventing, creating and exploiting breacktrough service mainly for  social inclusion and healtcare. Seides combines, thanks to its multidisciplinary team skills, IT advanced competencies and vision (e.g.  Artificial Intelligence and Smart Interaction) with a socio-anthropological perspective. Seides is  specialized in emotional modelling and behavioural analysis of users in order to tailor  human centered solutions.  Moreover Seides has developed specific experience and competences in the above mentioned area and is able to define vertical market analysis, service deployment plans and go to market strategies dully taking into account the critical issue like privacy and ethical aspects.

Universitat politecnica de Valencia, Spain

The Universitat Politècnica de València is a dynamic and innovative university. Currently, the UPV is made up of 13 university centres, of which 9 are technical colleges, 2 are faculties and 2 are polytechnic colleges. In addition, it has a Doctorate School and 3 affiliated centres (Florida University, Berklee College of Music and EDEM Business School). The Project Manager fro UPV is Prof. Dr. Carlos E. Palau, a Telecommunication Engineer. He holds a PhD on Telecommunication Engineering, in the area of real-time systems and communications. He has been working in the area of real-time systems, wireless sensor networks, security and IoT for the last 25 years. His competence is devoted to interoperability, security and the use of IoT technologies in different application domains.

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