Digital platform for shellfish inshore maintenance based on microelectronic environmental sensors and IoT devices (AquaDig)

Sector: Agrifood

Total budget: €198,4k

Total Funding: €198,4k

About AquaDig

Distribution of live seafood for human consumption requires tight control the quality of the food, toxins and transport conditions. Water quality parameters of the distributors are usually kept at the same conditions, regardless of the number of animals per tank, which impose heavy operational costs without need. Mortality during maintenance and transport is high, greatly reducing the product’s value. The idea is to reduce operational costs and mortality through a digital layer that monitors and optimizes equipment operation (energy efficiency) and provides food safety and traceability. AquaDig takes advantage of digital innovation to increase data collection and processing enabling tangible efficiencies and benefits.

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About AquaDig

The Consortium

Inova DE GmbH, Germany

Inova is a technology-based company that offers contract R&D development for innovative projects. It has developed several easy and cost-effective monitoring solutions based on Wireless Sensors Networks (WSN) for multiple industries. Inova team has strong competencies and large experience in the design, development and integration and implementation of solutions. Inova has co-developed the PlugThings)) Framework, a powerful platform for continuous development of monitoring solutions based on WSN.

Go Limpets Lda, Portugal

Go Limpets is a live shellfish and crustacean distribution company in Madeira Island, Portugal. It was originally created to research and produce indigenous molluscs of the Macaronesia in aquaculture. The seafood maintenance tanks in the region are designed to address the market need for quality live seafood captured abroad for the local gastronomy. Digitalization of the maintenance and transport processes is key factor for quality assurance.

Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR), Portugal

Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR) is a research center jointly created by the three biggest Universities in Portugal: University of Porto, University of Coimbra and the University of Lisbon. ISR R&D activities in advanced systems and control concepts, tools and technologies for a wide range of areas encompassing robotics, automation, networked systems, predictive maintenance algorithms and in new emerging network centric systems with high societal impact.

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