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I am Philippe Cousin, CEO, French SME Easy Global Market (EGM, I created in 2010. Since then we have been involved in 24 FP/H2020 projects and we focused recently the company as an IoT engineering company where we do innovative objects from hardware to cloud/AI. We also focused our action to some verticals such as water and aquaculture

Digitizing European Industry: DIATOMIC representatives at Stakeholder Forum in Madrid, Spain

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The Stakeholder Forum takes its place from the 13th of November till the 15th of November in Madrid, Spain.

IOF2020 Launches Open Call for New Use Cases

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Currently, the IoF2020 gathers nineteen use cases around Europe in five themes or so called trials. The use cases in the arable, dairy, fruits, meat and vegetables trial develop, test and demonstrate Internet of Things technology in operational agri-environments, both conventional and organic.