Recap of Coimbra Sustainability Summit Plenary Session 3 – Tech Panel

The third plenary session “Tech Panel” started with the welcome speech by P3’s moderator João Quintas, Project Manager, and Researcher at Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN). Like the moderators in the previous CSS sessions, João Quintas followed the same approach by introducing the participants with the vision of the CSS, ecosystem, and goals to inspire innovative approaches, foster new partnerships, and deliver better value out of the Summit.

João Quintas focused on the objective of this particular session which is to give the answer on how can the merge of 4 KETs (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Cybersecurity) more value to the society and help addressing the SDGs and whether is this technology merge sought by investors. P3 invited speakers from the academy, business, and industry, from different economic sectors, to share their experiences on how organisations are currently: using the 4 KETs grow their business, addressing the SDGs while developing new technological solutions that create more value to society and making investments that leverage on opportunities related to KETs.

Mr. Giuseppe Costabile, Brand & Communication Manager – Global at Comau, opened the P3 session as a first speaker. Giuseppe is a Communication and Brand Manager with 10+ years of experience in the Communication field. He has been working for 5 years in Comau – a leading company in the industrial automation market, part of the FCA Group – in a global position, with key responsibilities in all Regions and Business Units. Namely, he brought value to the CSS by presenting the perspective of digitalisation of the Manufacturing industry.

The session continued by the presentation of Mr. Jeroen Perquin, Co-Founder & CFO at 2bSMART as our second speaker. He is an experienced finance professional, specialized in digitization, blockchain, and smart contracts. In his workshops and engagements with companies, he combines his knowledge about Blockchain and smart contracts with his experience with managing business processes in international companies. Therefore, Jeroen’s speech on the CSS included his vision on the role of Blockchain.

Mr. Derrick van der Merwe, a Senior Manager at Accenture, closed the P3 session as our third speaker in a row. Derrick is an experienced architect with a demonstrated history of working with complex solutions in Information Technology and Services, Healthcare, Utilities, Mining, Public Services, and Banking industries. He enjoys working with clients and vendors to deliver results. His skills include Solution Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, and Program Delivery. Derrick brought value to the CSS by introducing participants with the tech vision and role of Artificial Intelligence.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session between our participants and the CSS panelists including everyone in the conversation using the Poll Everywhere through interactive concept, which led to fruitful discussions and useful conclusions on the relevant topics to our CSS participants.

In the end, the CSS’s P3 session also included Brokerage session which was the period where all participants who have registered for this opportunity had 2 minutes to in brief present themselves, their organization, and what are they looking for. The Brokerage session was a chance for the participants to network as well as business opportunities within their industries and sectors that go beyond CSS. This is one of the key aspects of such events because it provided our participants with a great opportunity to interact by facilitating quality networking and raising the potential for new business deals and ventures.

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