🥇 BISEM experiment aims to develop and validate on crop field a set of biodegradables, low cost, disposable sensors to measure agricultural relevant parameters like ground temperature, humidity and PH.

💡 Which companies are involved in the development of the BISEM?

▶️ Since 1989 Superelectric has specific experience in the field of distributed sensors and drone monitoring services: today Superelectric is partner, with Leroy Merlin, to the initiative “Orto fai da noi” where it provides the battery-powered distributed sensor network solution “Casetta Mia”, capable to measure and transmit in Cloud, Temperature and Humidity values of the terrain of small urban crop fields in order to manage and save water use.

▶️ The Istituto per la Microelettronica e Microsistemi of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche is one of most important Italian public research structure in microelectronic field.

▶️ AGROPECUARIA MORATILLA is an agricultural enterprise with premises in Olmeda de la Fuentes (Spain), already active in implementing electronic devices for the improvement of its economical performance that in turn is sustainable with the environment.

💡 Check BISEM on https://diatomic.eu/index.php/pull-experiments/bisem/