🥇dreaMS is a treatment platform dedicated to patients with multiple sclerosis. Its aims is to support precise diagnosis and treatment optimisation by developing a new type of biomarkers through the use of consumer devices and data science. The solution will result in improved patient outcomes and well-being and new health economic benefits for the health system.

💡 Which companies are developing smart floors?

▶️ Healios specialise in developing remote patient monitoring solutions and digital biomarkers in neuroscience, with the goal to support precise diagnosis, enable personalization of treatment and improve clinical management.

▶️ Instituto Maimónides de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba‘s mission is to develop and promote a scientific and innovative collaboration and multidisciplinary domains where projects aimed at solving health problems based on precision medicine and the generation of excellent science.

▶️ Universidad de Córdoba, Knowledge Discovery and Intelligent Systems research group, finding solutions for problems related to healthcare data analytics, medical data mining and, in general, the application of data science techniques to problems in the biomedical domain.

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