A large percentage of European SMEs and mid-caps from all sectors have limited knowledge of what smart electronics and smart systems can do. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Advanced Micro-Electronics (AME) and Smart System Integration (SSI) have great potential in health, agrifood and manufacturing sectors – all of which are under-digitized and of prime importance for European society as a whole and the economy.

DIATOMIC Design-develop-market: what’s in it for you?

Starting from 15 March 2018 DIATOMIC is distributing EUR 1.5M to European SMEs, midcaps and competence centres through its Design-Develop-Market program.

The program is open to small consortia to design, develop and experiment with market-driven products and services, leading to the uptake of electronic components, sensors, smart objects and systems in health, agrifood and manufacturing sectors. DIATOMIC offers up to €200.000 funding per experiment, including advanced technology testbeds, as well as value added business services.

DIATOMIC FABelgrade workshop: why attend?

This workshop will present and work through the steps of DIATOMIC Develop-design-market program. The eligibility criteria will be presented and discussed in detail.

Moreover, participants will be introduced to DIATOMIC one-stop shop platform, where they can offer or request resources, services and match with complementary partners to build a consortium.

About tickets

Registration is free, but obligatory if you want to take part! Registration deadline: Friday 27 April 2018. Get your ticket via Eventbrite.

Note: Registration is required for FABelgrade 2018 conference, too. Please, register via fabelgrade.io.