In Healthcare, physiotherapists are ranking elderly in Fall Risk Profiles based upon a Performance- Oriented Mobility Assessment according to Tinetti. Based upon this Tinetti score, the elderly are placed in category low fall risk profile, medium fall risk profile or high fall risk profile. And based upon profile, needed interventions are taken, like providing elderly with movement therapy, a rollator or a hip airbag. 

Healthcare Centre tanteLouise from the Netherlands in cooperation with Connective Floors supported by DIATOMIC has examined if Smart Floor technology can help to assess fall risk of the elderly. Connective Floors product Smart Floor, integrated into floorings of Healthcare centers, can measure walking parameters like e.g. walking speed, step length, step frequency, and step regularity. 

62 elderly residents of tanteLouise Healthcare Centre were examined during September and October 2019, while walking over Connective Floors Smart Floor. Based upon their walking patterns, Smart Floor algorithms calculated automatically the Fall Risk Profile of these elderly. 

With 82% of the elderly residents, the Smart Floor came to the same Fall Risk Profile as the subjective Tinetti assessment taken during that same period. Based upon this positive agreement, tanteLouise and Connective Floors intensify their collaboration. Also, other Dutch Healthcare centers are in contact with Connective Floors to discuss implementation of the Smart Floor technology in their centers.