Open Call #2 — Apply by Jan 31st

Apply: Win up to €200,000 (equity-free!) per application experiment, along with tailored tech & business support.

The second (and final) call for application experiments aims to accelerate solutions that apply electronic components, sensors, smart objects and systems across health, agrifood and manufacturing (Industry 4.0) sectors. Total funding amount: € 1.610.000.



DIATOMIC is a network of digital innovation hubs, with  € 1.610.000 in equity free funding in its Design-Develop-Market program. The call for proposals (Application Experiments) is open until  31 January (17:00 CET).

The target of these application experiments is to ‘pull’ innovative solutions to challenges from health, agrifood, and manufacturing sectors, using electronic components, sensors, smart objects and systems.

Through its network of digital innovation hubs, DIATOMIC offers a comprehensive service package, including:

> Strong technological support to accelerate novel application development, prototyping & experimentation, and:

> Business support to develop solutions with a robust product/market fit, and chart the path to market growth & investment.

Following evaluation and selection process, each experiment will enter DIATOMIC Design-Develop-Market program lasting between 9 and 15 months.

The Consortium

The call is open to small consortia (2 to 3 partners) from the EU and H2020 associated countries:

> Technology providers in the areas of advanced microelectronics & smart systems integration, namely: tech SMEs and research/ non-industry legal entities (i.e. research centres, academia, Competence Centers);

> Technology adopters/ users: SMEs (or mid-caps) active in health, agrifood, and/or manufacturing (Industry 4.0);

Note: digitalization of non-tech SMEs is in the focus of DIATOMIC. 

Funding and Budget

The following financial eligibility criteria apply:

  • The budget per experiment may vary from €70.000 to €200.000.
  • The total funding of the non-industry and/or non-profit partners (if any) cannot exceed the 40% of the entire experiment budget,
  • Each partner can receive funding in the range €20.000-€100.000.

Check whether your application experiment is suitable for DIATOMIC Open Call #2.

Making use of advanced microelectronics and smart system integration technologies along relevant experiments – novel products/processes starting from a TRL of 3; aiming towards the digitization of products/processes across health, agrifood, and manufacturing sectors;

> Business mindset: applicants are requested to provide initial exploitation plans & business scenarios for their experiments;

How to Apply

Applying? Follow the steps listed below to start and submit your application—and don’t wait until the last minute.

Please note that DIATOMIC will not accept applications via email. All applications need to be submitted through F6S.

Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2019 at 17:00 (Brussels time)

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