Please, introduce yourself and your role in the start-up/SME 

I am Philippe Cousin, CEO, French SME Easy Global Market (EGM, I created in 2010. Since then we have been involved in 24 FP/H2020 projects and we focused recently the company as an IoT engineering company where we do innovative objects from hardware to cloud/AI. We also focused our actions on some verticals such as water, aquaculture and agriculture.

  • How did the idea of ARCHIVE come into your mind? When did you feel that it is worth it? 

We look at developing innovative objects for agriculture and when we met beekeepers we realized that bees are dying and technology can help.

  • Who is in your consortium and how do you complement each other? How did the matchmaking occur?

We have a French SMEs, beekeeper, that will market the product and the service. We have also the beekeeping research institute from Romania, N° 1 in the EU for beekeeping.

  • What does ARCHIVE do and why did you decide to join DIATOMIC?

ARCHIVE will develop an advance connected door for beehive helping to monitor and help facing the bees depopulation for instance in counting bees in real time. This project requires advance electronic integration and Diatomic was a good program to help.

  • What have you achieved or experienced in the first 2 months of the Design. Develop. Market. program that you wouldn’t have gotten done or experienced otherwise?

We got good resources to design the innovative product with the beekeeping stakeholders.

  • What’s next for ARCHIVE?

Next steps are to mature the product in MVP development and validation cycles and hit the market with a good product.

  • I’m sure that somebody who wants to apply for DIATOMIC is reading us right now. What tips would you recommend for making a successful application to DIATOMIC?

Have a good idea for answering market needs.

  • Finally, let’s close with something personal – what do you think your ARCHIVE has that is unique to offer to the European microelectronics industry and digital ecosystems of the future? 

Our product is unique, mixing innovative hardware and application to solve a major world challenge in the bees depopulation. This was recognized at the last world event Apimondia 2019 in Montreal when we show the prototype.

Thank you! ?