The financial support to third parties is a mechanism (also known as sub-granting or cascading grants) that aims to:

  • accelerate the market uptake of innovative products, services and processes, and:
  • further facilitate their access to new markets.

To better understand this mechanism, PCN TIC, NMBP and PME, with the support of clusters Systematic , Cap Digital , Minalogic and EMC2, are organizing an info-session on cascading grants (08 November, Paris).

The event will be focused on Digitization of Industry, namely:

  • Smart anything everywhere – flexible electronics, microelectronics, CPS, IoT – to advance the European electronics industry;
  • Digital innovation in manufacturing SMEs – additive manufacturing, robotics, HPC / Cloud, CPS – to boost the competitiveness of SMEs in the digital age.

In addition, INNOSUP inter-cluster collaboration projects will be presented; the main target is to develop an enabling ecosystem to support innovation in EU SMEs in several cross-thematic areas.

DIATOMIC will present its Open Call #2, alongside with: 

COVR – collaborative robotic systems
C-VOUCHER – circular economy
DIATOMIC – advanced microelectronics and intelligent systems (via Skype, intervention in English)
ESMERA – robotic technologies
FED4SAE – cyber physical systems
IoT4Industry – IoT, Big Data, IA and Cyber-security (via Skype)
SMARTEES – flexible electronics
TETRAMAX – low energy computing powering CPS and IoT

For agenda, please click here.